Former MPs from Serbian Radical Party got rich from suing the state

More than 20 former deputies from the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) have sued the National Parliament for unpaid per diems, bonuses and travel costs, totalling 24.7 million dinars.

Per diem and bonuses for deputies were abolished in 2009, but the Law on Income of Members of Parliament was not amended, which the Radicals used to demand the money from the state budget and fill up their pockets.

Despite the millions of dinars they got on the account of their salaries and travel expenses in the previous decades, the former deputies from the SRS have decided to claim the money they are allegedly owned on the basis of per diems and bonuses.

Thus, last year, Spaho Sulejman, Milorad Krstin, Srboljub Zivanovic and Zoran Popovic, all MPs from the Serbian Radical Party, received up to 8,437,000 dinars from the parliament on the basis of unpaid per diems and bonuses.

In the course of this year, the budget of the National Parliament was further depleted due to the lawsuits of more than 20 former MPs from the SRS, totalling as much as 16,280,000 dinars. This means that, in two years, these former MPs have taken 24,717,000 dinars or about 210,000 euro just on the basis of unpaid parliamentary per diems and bonuses.

(Blic, 23.12.2020)


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