Former Head of Military Security Agency:”Many officials have put relatives and friends in key places to control arms exports.”

Former director of the Serbian Military Security Agency (Vojnobezbednosna Agencija Srbije – VBA), Momir Stojanovic, said today that many government officials are putting their relatives or friends in key places to “keep things under control” and to control arms exports.

Stojanovic also said that it was precisely in this way that Branko Stefanovic, father of the Serbian Minister of the Interior, set up a business with the GIM Company.

He claims that the information provided by Serbian MP, Marinika Tepic on the activities in the ammunition producer “Krusik cannot be revealed by an “ordinary citizen”, but it is likely that she has been informed by certain members of powerful systems to which the current government in Serbia has promised something.

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“These systems now want to warn the Serbian authorities of what will happen if this promise is not fulfilled,” said Stojanovic during a presentation of the new coalition in the run-up to the elections, called Narodni Blok.

Stojanovic said that Jugoimport SDPR is a key company in the arms and military equipment trade and that problems arose since the advent of the Serbian Progressive Party in power, which brought incompetent staff to manage the company.

Stojanovic also claims that there is evidence that Serbia did export arms to the countries that are blacklisted, which include those in the Middle East.

According to him, many of the companies that were once investigated by VBA are now considered some of the major exporters, all because of the “quick profit” in arms sales.

He added he did not expect Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic to “sell out” one of his collaborators involved in these affairs.

(Danas, 26.11.2019)


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