Former government minister Zorana Mihajlović leaves SNS

Former minister and high-ranking Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) official, Zorana Mihajlović, has left that party, reports Tanjug.

Mihajlovic sent a letter in which she informed the SNS leadership that she was leaving the party.

During a recent farewell press conference, at which Mihajlović spoke about her work in the ministry, she said that certain things happened in the previous two years, for which there will be time and space to talk about.

A few months later, while appearing on Pink TV, SNS leader and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Zorana Mihajlovic wanted to form her own party.

She spent 13 years as an SNS member.

 “What I said at the farewell press conference still stands – I will stay in the political life of Serbia. My political life did not begin with SNS and cannot end with that party. It started when I was a student when I protested against Milošević and fought for a better Serbia. I strongly believe that I should not stand on the sidelines and just watch what happens. I deeply believe that I have to fight for Serbia to be in Europe, for Serbia brimming with winners, not losers. I believe that I must and should participate in ensuring that we have better social protection, a better economy and a different way of comprehending equality and equal opportunities,” said Mihajlović.

The executive director of Cesid, Bojan Klačar, believes that the whole story surrounding Zorana Mihajlović is given more importance than it should.

“First of all, Zorana Mihajlović did not have the organic support of the voters within the SNS. Her contribution to the campaigns was much worse than some other leading people in the party. Secondly, at the moment, the Serbian political scene is oversaturated with political parties, both in power and those in the opposition. It is not easy to create a new political organization, neither financially, nor organizationally, nor in terms of gathering a sufficient number of people. If she had taken some more people from SNS with her, then her political potential would certainly have been greater. Thirdly, Zorana Mihajlović was a member of the SNS for a long time and she carries that kind of weight with her, so the opposition will not dare to cooperate with her,” Klačar adds.

 (, 27.04.2023)



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