Former EPS director:”Serbia doesn’t have a legal framework for a green transition, we are chasing imposed goals”

The Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) adopted the “Go Green Road” document last year because Serbia does not have a clearly defined legal framework, but constantly rushes to reach the imposed green transition goals that although being adopted cannot be fulfilled – says the former director of EPS, Miroslav Tomašević.

“Our 2015-2025 Energy Development Strategy is actually outdated and a new one needs to be written. This is the basic document that should be adopted by the Ministry of Mining and Energy,” said Tomašević.

He added the EPS also wrote a document called the Green Path of the EPS document because the banks did not want to extend the validity of short-term loans until the EPS fulfilled all the obligations imposed by the Energy Community r.

That document, as he said, was given to all banks in Serbia, as well as the European Investment Bank, the German Development Bank KfW and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. They all accepted it without objections and loans were extended.

He added that the Green Path document also envisages the construction of the Kolubara B thermal power plant, which would open in 2028 and close in 2040.

The plan, as he said, also includes the construction of solar power plants in devastated areas of mines and ash pits, plus the document says that the construction of the Bistrica reversible hydroelectric power plant on the Uvac River, south of Zlartibor, is of national importance.

Given that half of electricity consumption is used for heating, according to him, it would be good to build “heat storage units”, where heat will be accumulated when it is cheap to produce or buy electricity.

“With the appointment of Norwegians as members of EPS’ Supervisory Board, it remains to be seen whether the Green Path document will be realized. It is more likely that the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan will be implemented which means that EPS will not fulfill what was previously planned but rather do what is told to do,” Tomašević adds.

(eKapija, 13.10.2023)

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