Formation of Belgrade Assembly postponed until March 1st

The first meeting of the Belgrade City Assembly following the December elections, which was supposed to be held on Monday, has been postponed for March 1, said a councillor from the ranks of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).

On the agenda of the Monday meeting were the election of a verification committee to verify the councillors’ terms of office and the speaker’s election, while the newly-elected assembly members were also to vote for the city administration secretary and deputies.

The meeting was scheduled by the Belgrade interim city authority chair, Aleksandar Sapic.

The ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and its coalition partner, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), hold 54 of the 110 seats in the Assembly, two short of a majority. The opposition Serbia Against Violence coalition has 43 seats, the NADA coalition, comprising the New Democratic Party of Serbia (NDSS) and the Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia (POKS), won 7 seats, and We the Voice of the People won 6.

There is speculation that one of the minor parties with seats could side with the SNS-SPS coalition to secure a majority. The SNS-SPS coalition has held power in the Serbian capital for the past decade.

The councillors have until March 3 to form the new city assembly, and if they fail to do so, new elections will be held.

(Politika, 19.02.2024)

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