Foreigners from Italy, China, South Korea, Iran, Switzerland are forbidden to enter Serbia

Foreign citizens from areas with a high coronavirus transmission rate, in particular Italy, some provinces of China, South Korea, Iran and parts of Switzerland, will be temporarily banned from entering Serbia, the Serbian government decided yesterday.

These are additional measures to prevent the spread and increase control of the disease, which have been introduced following the recommendations of epidemiologists and in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

At yesterday’s session, the government took all the necessary measures to minimise the number of infected people. Thanks to the timely and responsible response of the Serbian health system, the number of people affected by coronavirus in Serbia is few.

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“There is no room for panic as Serbia has reacted responsibly and from the very beginning by upping the control at border crossings, especially at airports. The World Health Organization’s instructions are respected, as are the recommendations of our epidemiologists who are prepared for such epidemiological situations with some of them already having had personal experience in dealing with similar situations,” says the government note.

“The Government of Serbia invites citizens to follow only the advice of experts. The Ministry of Health, together with the Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut Public Health Institute, a network of public healthcare institutes and competent healthcare institutions, will monitor the epidemiological situation caused by the new virus in Serbia and around the world and accordingly, in agreement with the World Health Organization, will issue public announcements and give instructions for the treatment of the epidemic to health institutions and other competent bodies and institutions”, concluded the statement.

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