Foreign observers to monitor Belgrade election

Observers from Washington, Rome, Paris and Brussels have all expressed interest in monitoring Belgrade election that will take place on 4th March.

According to the City Election Commission, the French Embassy and the Italian Embassy in Serbia got an approval to send three observers each, the US Embassy will have 18 observers, and the Australian Embassy one observer. Also, 11 observers from the EU will monitor the Belgrade election.

The list of foreign observers, however, is not yet final, as the requests have been submitted to the Foreign Ministry, while the procedure also requires that the Interior Ministry also approves of the observers before they are given a permission. As the Vecernje Novosti unofficialy finds out, the embassies of Germany, Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands have also applied for a permission to send their observers and their applications are pending.

Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic says that he is very surprised by the interest shown by foreign countries to send their observers to a local election.

Nikola Lazic, Coordinator at the Election Monitoring Centre, points out that, in the past, the election in Belgrade has been „tied“ to parliamentary ones, so there was no need for the embassies to send their observers to monitor only local elections.

1,955 domestic observers from four associations and 126 foreign observers from 25 organizations, election commissions and embassies monitored the last presidential elections in Serbia.

(Vecernje Novosti, 28.02.2018)






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