Foreign intelligence services roaming Belgrade

Professor Radomir Mališinović, the former dean of the Faculty of Security, and Ljuban Karan, a retired lieutenant colonel of the counterintelligence service, pointed out that the secret services’ operations in Belgrade are a clear sign that they want to create a split in Serbia.

“We must not allow the secret services to wage war on our territory. Serbia now has so many security choices that our secret services have too much work to do. It is no coincidence that Gašić (director of the Serbian intelligence agency) mentioned hybrid war, but the problem is that only specially trained services can oppose it. We are talking about a large spectrum that includes terrorism and subversion of the state in various ways. The goal of hybrid warfare is to create divisions in society. It is a military strategy to artificially create internal discontent,” says Ljuban Karan, retired lieutenant colonel of the counterintelligence service.

Professor Mališinović points out that the secret services serve to help appoint those politicians to power who are loyal to the interests of the country that want to see certain changes done in Serbia.

“Intelligence services have also become a factor of knowledge and without them, it is not possible to create policies. Certain secret services have managed to overthrow a hundred governments. The threat of extinction to our people is nothing new. Now the diplomats have crossed all lines whereby they have resorted to threatening us and ordering us around. This is unprecedented in the history of the world, except when direct war is hinted at in a country. No country except the USA is sovereign, not even Russia, which is now fighting for its sovereignty,” says Professor Mališinović.

What are the consequences of Serbia not imposing sanctions against Russia?

“When you give in to blackmail, it’s like a house of cards. It never stops. They can only set new requirements in front of you. The next requirement relates to Kosovo and Metohija, and then the Republic of Srpska, where a certain form of colour revolution is already being prepared. The problem is that nobody in the West recognizes Serbian national interests. They are doing everything by force and they can cut off everything they wish, but let no one think that they can force us to do something that our people do not want,” says Ljuban Karan and adds:

“Our operatives have been honing their craft in difficult conditions and learn ten times faster now. Internally, a problem can arise within the intelligence service itself, such as the case with the wiretapping of the president.”

(Kurir, 20.10.2022)


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