Forced to pick between Kosovo and EU, Serbs would pick Kosovo

According to the latest survey, an overwhelming majority of people in Serbia would pick Kosovo if they had to choose between Kosovo and the EU.

The choice in question refers to “accepting Kosovo’s independence as a condition for EU membership”. As many 81 percent of the poll respondents, conducted by the NGO Institute for European Affairs and Ninamedia, said they would not. 11 percent would “accept the offer,” according to the results. 

The poll results also show that a possible partition of Kosovo is supported by a third of citizens, while half are opposed to the idea, but a majority would not accept Kosovo as independent even if that accelerated Serbia’s EU integration. 

Only 3.4 percent said they would participate in the internal dialogue on Kosovo, while a quarter of respondents believe that this or the next Serbian government will have to recognize Kosovo. 

45 percent say that Kosovo is not lost for Serbia, while 43 percent think that it is – the latter group includes younger and well-educated respondents. Higher the level of education among the poll participants, higher the number of the participants who think that Kosovo is lost forever.

“There is complete division among Serbian citizens also when it comes to the possibility of Serbia again assuming full control and sovereignty over Kosovo. 45 percent think this is not possible, while 42 percent think this is possible,” the poll concludes. 

The poll, carried out between 16th and 20th March, was carried out on a representative sample of 1,203 respondents.

(B92, 28.03.2018)


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