Forbes: “Serbia ranks below Italy in terms of safety from coronavirus infection”

The US magazine Forbes has ranked Serbia one of the 100 safest countries at the moment when it comes to coronavirus infection. Surprisingly, Forbes ranked Italy, the European country that has been hit hardest by COVID-19, one place ahead of Serbia.

According to the magazine, Switzerland is currently the safest country in the world in terms of the coronavirus pandemic, while South Sudan is the most dangerous place.

The ranking has been compiled on the basis of 130 quantitative and qualitative parameters, including the efficiency of the measures implemented, how fast relevant bodies reacted, etc.

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“Switzerland and Germany rank first and second respectively in this new study, mainly because of the resilience of their economies and the careful ways they have been relaxing their anti-corona measures without sacrificing public health and safety,” the authors of the study said.

Serbia, where one person died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while another 82 people were infected, is in 54th place, right behind Italy. The United States is in 58th place and China, where the pandemic started, occupies the 7th place.

As for the countries in the region, Slovenia is ranked 32nd, Croatia 36th, Montenegro 42nd, and Bosnia and Herzegovina 72nd. It is interesting to note Forbes ranked Greece in 34th place, a piece of information that will come in handy for those people who are planning on holidaying there this summer.

(, 07.06.2020)


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