Forbes: Serbia among worst places for female workers

According to Forbes magazine, Serbia is among the worst-ranked places in which women are least satisfied with their careers (and where they’re most satisfied), according to the insights of 8,855 female expats that took part in the annual Expat Insider Survey. Greece is voted the worst countries for female employees, followed by Italy.

As the poll participants from Serbia said, the biggest problem was “lack of stability and employment opportunities”.

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According to the poll, only 28% of women in Serbia are satisfied with the career perspective (as opposed to 53% of women globally), 51% is happy with the work-private life balance (as opposed to 60% of women globally), while 38% think that their job is secure (as opposed to 58% of women globally).

This is the fourth year that Greece has placed last for women working abroad. According to the survey, expat women are particularly unhappy with their career prospects in Greece, with 37% giving it the worst possible rating (versus 10% globally).

The winner was the Czech Republic, which was voted the best country for women. The country has been constantly climbing in the ranking of best countries for female workers.

Also ranking high on the list are Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg and New Zealand. These places have ranked among the top 10 countries for women to work abroad for four years in a row. Female expats’ satisfaction with their work-life balance, working hours and job security is above average in these countries.

(eKapija, 09.04.2019)

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