Food prices in Serbia experiencing constant growth

There is no citizen in Serbia that has not experienced the general rise in prices. Basket of goods are shrinking, wallets are getting thinner, while the increases don’t stop. Over the past month, the price of meat has risen the most, by almost 19% for some types while staple food, as well as some types of vegetables, have also become more expensive.

Meat is slowly but surely becoming a growing luxury on the dining tables in Serbia. Thus, a kilogram of pork leg costs 702 dinars on July 20, while just a month later, on August 20, its price was 750 dinars. Beef leg, an expensive meat even before inflation took off in Serbia, has also increased, as it happened with chicken. Eggs seem like one of the few products that hasn’t experienced the increase in price: in a month, the price of 10 eggs has remained the same, which equals to 210 dinars.

A litre of milk with 2.8% fat, despite the limited margin, has become more expensive. In July this product cost 125 dinars, while now it is slightly more expensive, 130 dinars. A litre of yogurt with 2.8% fat also increased in price – instead of the 135 dinars in July, it now costs 145 dinars. The Serbian government regulation also limits the margin for T-400 and T-500 white flour in packages up to five kilograms. However, both types of flour have risen in price by ten dinars in the past month. So, a kilogram of white flour T-400 costs 75 dinars and T-500 69 dinars, while now their prices are 85 and 79 dinars per kilogram.

The price of sunflower oil, as prescribed by the regulation on the price limitation of staple foods, has remained unchanged and still amounts to 200 dinars per litre. Vegetables are another food category where the price has risen, but some products can still “brag” about a reduction in price. A kilogram of new potatoes cost 100 dinars a month ago, while now its price is slightly lower, 95 dinars. The situation is similar with tomatoes – a kilogram of this product cost 130 dinars in July, while now its price is 120 dinars.

Economists have been warning for months that prices will rise until the end of the year, and a real explosion is expected by the time the Government cancels the decree on the price limitation of basic food goods. Recently, Professor of the Faculty of Economics Danica Popović said in an interview with that the main reason for the price increase is twofold.

“In the first place, food prices have doubled. In addition to the increase in fuel prices, the decrease in livestock has also contributed significantly. Now these two forces have joined: meat is scarce and prices rise. There is no way out for now: no one is offering cheap meat and buyers are not reducing demand. “, stated Popović.

According to Dejan Gavrilović, president of the Consumer Protection Association “Efetkiva”, given that incomes do not keep pace with the growth of inflation and the rise in prices of everything, not just food, it is certain that the consumers will find it increasingly difficult to deal with the situation.

“Something will have to change: either the quality and quantity of food will decrease, or something else will suffer, such as bills, clothes, shoes, education and the like,” concluded president of the Consumer Protection Association “Efetkiva”.

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