FlyEgypt’s request for launch of Niš-Hurghada flight turned down

FlyEgypt’s request to launch the Niš-Hurghada flight has been turned down by Serbian aviation authorities.

The possibility of launching the flight was announced by the Egyptian ambassador to Serbia during his visit to the City of Niš in early March. At that time, he stated that a request had been sent to the Serbian aviation authorities.

Certain local media later reported that the airline that submitted the request was Air Cairo, which already had flights to Belgrade, but it was, in fact, FlyEgypt, which submitted the request five months ago.

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The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia turned down the request in mid-March, after carrying out the necessary procedure, after they received a letter from the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure which said that the planned flights were not in line with the interstate agreement on air transport between Serbia and Egypt.

The other two Egyptian airlines, which have regular flights to Serbia, have also had their requests for an increase in the number of flights denied by the Serbian aviation authorities.

Air Cairo and Al Masria both asked for permission to increase the number of flights to Belgrade, while Air Cario even wanted to introduce flights on a daily basis. The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate asked them to amend the request in order to be able to obtain the permit and return to the previous year’s number of flights – five times a week for Air Cairo and two times a week for Al Masria, with the possibility of Al Masria using the wide-body A330 aircraft on those flights if needed.

(Aviatica, 10.04.2019)


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