Fly to Rome or Vienna from Serbia for only 20 euros

Despite recent media reports about the issues facing the aviation industry, such as numerous delays or flight cancellations, it seems that the summer season has nonetheless sparked significant interest in air travel among tourists.

Airline tickets are in high demand, and the popularity of flying has been greatly boosted by low-cost carriers that offer decent services at much lower prices than traditional operators.

The Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air will increase the frequency of its flights on about ten of its routes from Belgrade Airport by the end of the summer season.

The increased flight frequency will be noticeable by mid-July, when Wizz Air will increase the number of flights to Nice from two to three per week. In August, a fourth flight to Larnaca will be reintroduced, and in September, two more flights per week will be added.

Flights to Abu Dhabi and Malta will be intensified in September (from three to four per week), as will those to Basel and Barcelona (from five weekly to daily), and to Paris Beauvais (from four weekly to daily). There will also be more frequent flights to Berlin, Dortmund, and Malmö.

During July, you can fly with Wizz Air to London, Rome, and Basel for 2,459 dinars. However, return tickets can sometimes be more expensive, but not necessarily if you choose the right dates.

The cheapest flight from Belgrade currently available with this airline is on July 26th to Hamburg, priced at 1,839 dinars. A return ticket to Rome in July can be purchased for 2,949 dinars, and a flight to the German city of Memmingen costs 2,500 dinars.

All these prices generally assume you are only carrying hand luggage and have no special requirements for comfort, seat selection, or faster boarding.

Although airfares to European cities are generally somewhat lower during the summer, this year it is also possible to find affordable flights to seaside destinations.

In addition to traveling with Wizz Air, many people opt for the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, which flies from Niš. In late July, you can fly to Corfu for 5,150 dinars, while at the end of August there is even a cheaper flight with a ticket costing 3,750 dinars.

A flight to Vienna at the end of July costs 2,460 dinars, and a ticket from Niš for the end of August can be obtained for 2,106 dinars. For 4,450 dinars at the end of August, you can fly to Malta with Ryanair, and the cheapest return flight is on September 9th, costing 6,201 dinars.

(, 07.07.2024)

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