Flour, sugar and toilet paper among the most purchased products in Serbia during the pandemic

Flour, sugar, soap and toilet paper are the most sought after products in Serbia during the coronavirus epidemic, the results of a market survey conducted by GfK showed.

Frozen vegetables, canned tuna, eggs, pasta, frozen bakery products and cooking oil are also on the list of the most purchased products in the last three weeks.

The survey analyzed 32 million purchases made between February 24 and March 15, when a total of two billion dinars was spent on groceries in Serbia. The main retail chains in Serbia have increased their market share in the last three weeks, with a 20% increase in household consumption.

Shoppers spent most of their money in hypermarkets, discount chains and supermarkets, while small shops and local markets did not increase their share significantly, in fact, their market share decreased.

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The GfK survey also showed that the share of discounted items has decreased, as well as that younger households and those with higher purchasing power did not buy in bulk as much as older households and those with lower purchasing power.

Shoppers in Belgrade and Vojvodina spent slightly more on bulk purchases than households in eastern and southern Serbia.

The survey also showed that 26% of people were very concerned about the coronavirus epidemic.

(Danas, 24.03.2020)



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