Flere: Disintegration of Yugoslavia started back in 1960s

Slovenian sociologist and the author of the book “Did Yugoslavia have to die?”, Sergej Flere said that the disintegration of Yugoslavia started long time before the civil war erupted.

At his book promotion in Novi Sad, he also said that it all had begun with “the conflicts in the very top of Communist structures” which ruled Yugoslavia.

“The inter-national conflicts among the top Communist officials started back in 1943, but the political elite was not aware what would become as a result of them”, Flere said and added that he wrote the book with his fellow sociologists Rudi Klasnjek. The book is a study about dying out of Yugoslavia and also touches upon the activities of both political and cultural elite that lead up to the country’s disintegration. Flere and Klasnjek studies a huge amount of literature to find information presented in their book.

Flere reminds that, back in 1962, even Josip Broz Tito warned that Yugoslavia would fall apart. “What we had back then was a constant conflict between various types of nationalism among the elite which escalated and simply had to result in a wider conflict”, Flere explains.

He assessed that the two elites led Yugoslavia to its disintegration – first, the Communist one, with its efforts to acquire as many material goods as possible, and second, a cultural one that had been relentlessly underlining that “ordinary people had a tragic destiny and were constantly denied.”

Branislava Kostic, Chairwoman the Vojvodina Club, said that the book was not a sociological analysis, but an analysis of Yugoslavia’s political history, and that it depicted “the atmosphere among politicians long before the collapse.”

The book covers the period from the establishment of the modern-day Yugoslavia during the Second World War to its disintegration in 1991.

(SeeBiz, 16.11.2017)



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