Five years since Oliver Ivanović’s assassination – trial continues

The anniversary of the assassination of the leader of the civic initiative “Freedom, Democracy, Justice” (SDP), Oliver Ivanović (1953-2018), will be commemorated both in Kosovska Mitrovica and Belgrade.

He was shot in the back with several gunshots fired from a moving car and killed five years ago today in front of his party’s headquarters in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica.

Friends and comrades of Oliver Ivanović will mark the five-year anniversary by lighting candles at the time of the murder – at 8:15 a.m., in the place where he was killed – in front of the SDP headquarters.

In late November 2021, a new trial hearing for his murder began before the Special Division of a court in Priština.

The Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against six persons of Serbian nationality for that crime – Marko Rošić, Nedeljko Spasojević, Dragiša Marković, Žarko Jovanović, Silvana Arsović and Rade Basara.

They are charged with the criminal offences of participation in or organization of a criminal group, abuse of an official position, assistance in the commission of a criminal offence of aggravated murder, unauthorized possession of a weapon, disclosure of an official secret and abuse of official duty by tampering with evidence.

According to the prosecution, at least five other suspects were involved in the murder of Ivanović.

Milan Radoičić, the vice-president of the Serbian List, as well as businessman Zvonko Veselinović, are also being linked to the murder of Oliver Ivanović but the top Serbian officials denied their involvement, adding that both Radoičić and Veselinović passed a polygraph examination.

In July 2017, Ivanović’s car was set on fire, and in the last interview he gave, the SDP leader said that the Serbs in the north of Kosovo were not so much afraid of the Albanians as of the local Serbs, i.e. “those criminals who can be seen driving around in unregistered SUVs”.

(N1, 16.01.2023)

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