Five rules for new school year

Classes in school premises will not be stopped if one pupil in the class is infected with the coronavirus. In that case, the rest of the class will be tested, but will not be isolated.

Also, if there is a corona case in the pupil’s family, the pupil will have to stay home, regardless of whether they are infected or not.

These are just some of the rules that will apply if the coronavirus enters a school, as reported by Blic daily.

Pupils will return to school in September and will have to adhere to certain measures, as will their parents and educators.

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Epidemiologists state that one should not be afraid to go to school because children have been hanging out and spending time together for months during summer. Schools will have to respect certain protection measures with a different organization of classes.

The task of every parent is to send a healthy child to school, which means that the child has no visible health problems – no fever, no sore throat, no diarrhoea or any other problem.

According to Blic, schools will have to adhere to these five rules:

  1. If a pupil is diagnosed with the coronavirus, the other pupils in their classroom will be tested, but the classroom will not be shut down.
  2. If a pupil’s family member has the coronavirus, the pupil will have to stay home, regardless of whether they are infected or not.
  3. If health problems occur at school, in class, the teacher is obliged to call the parents to come and pick up the child.
  4. Pupils can take off their masks while in the classroom. They will put the mask on again when they go to the toilet, on a recess, etc.
  5. Three-layer masks will not be required.

(B92, 19.08.2020)

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