Five most expensive Serbian cities to live in – Novi Sad tops the list

Although Belgrade is considered the most expensive city in Serbia to live in, the latest analysis of purchasing power made by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, shows that, out of 15 cities, the Serbian capital ranks 5th and Novi Sad 1st as the most expensive city to live in.

 In December 2020, the value of the consumer basket in Novi Sad amounted to 82,073 dinars, almost 3,900 dinars more than that of a three-person family in Belgrade. The consumer basket contains 75 food items, but also includes costs of transport, accommodation, tobacco and alcoholic beverages, health, and education.

People living in Zrenjanin need 81,755 dinars to live normally and this Vojvodinian town occupies the second position. Pančevo is third with 81,151 dinars and the fourth city on the list is Subotica, where a family of three needs 79,499 dinars to satisfy its basic needs.

With 78,177 dinars, Belgrade ranks below the aforementioned towns in Vojvodina. Next comes Niš, with the consumer basket there worth 69,391, followed by Užice, where the average consumption basket was about 71,700 dinars, Smederevo with 68,900, Sremska Mitrovica 76,700 and Valjevo with 70,200.

The average consumer basket in Šabac amounts to 71,200 dinars, in Kragujevac 67,732 dinars, same as Zaječar and Kraljevo. Leskovac is the cheapest to live in, with the consumer basket worth 64,000.

The top 5 ranking:

Novi Sad – 82,073

Zrenjanin – 81,755

Pancevo – 81,151

Subotica – 79,499

Belgrade – 78,177

(Blic, 06.04.2021)

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