Five companies, including a Chinese one, to build factories in Zrenjanin

The Zrenjanin City Council has decided to sell undeveloped building land owned by the city which would net 23.3 million dinars for the town’s budget.

Four investors interested in building their facilities here are from Zrenjanin, and one is from China, with the company registered in Novi Sad.

They will build production facilities, the most important of which is the production facility in the Southeast industrial zone, which will be built by Green Miles Chemicals d.o.o. This company produces phosphates and their factory will span two hectares of land.

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“The subject of the sale was 102,900 square metres of building land in the business zones, of which 32,900 sqm is located in the Bagljas-Airport zone, whereas 70,000 sqm is located in the Southeast zone at the starting price of RSD 943.50 per square meter. The Uros Predic location has been offered for residential construction,” said the head of the Department for Property-Legal Affairs of the City Administration, Violeta Kucanda Bogasenieva.

Commenting on the constant interest of investors for the purchase of building land and the construction of facilities of various purposes, both industrial or residential, Mayor of Zrenjanin, Cedomir Janjic pointed that, in the past two years, the number of investors interested in that land has been growing year-on-year.

“A Chinese company registered in Novi Sad will open a facility in our industrial zone. This company has nothing to do with Linglong, but is interested in opening a factory in Zrenjanin’s Southeast Zone. On the other hand, we have just sold two land plots in the Baljas industrial zone. The good news is also that residential construction is picking up with over 400 flats being built in Zrenjanin,” the Mayor added.

(eKapija, 24.07.2019)



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