Fiscal Council: Low deficit, low indebtedness and fiscal stability under control

The President of the Fiscal Council, Pavle Petrović, announced that last year ended with a low deficit of 2.2% of GDP, emphasizing that these parameters are good.

“Last year ended with a low deficit of 2.2% of GDP, and we have assessed it as such, with a debt of 52% of GDP. Both figures essentially ensure fiscal stability. There was room for the deficit to be somewhat lower and the debt to be reduced slightly more, but these parameters are good,” he said and added:

“The second thing is that it is likely, as expected, that trends this year will continue in the same direction, with a low deficit of around 2%, and therefore the debt will be around 50%, which is acceptable. Finally, if these fiscal rules that I pointed out at the beginning are followed, the projection for next year is that the debt of around 50% will require a deficit of about 1.5% of GDP according to fiscal rules. This would mean that fiscal stability in a narrower sense is kept under control,” concluded Pavle Petrović, President of the Fiscal Council.

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