First US business delegation visits Serbia after 20 years

After 20 years, the US business delegation, made of representatives of some of the largest American and global corporations, met with President Aleksandar Vučić yesterday.

This visit has historical importance for our country and is the best proof that the relations between Washington and Belgrade warming up, that the two countries are growing as partners and that the USA views Serbia a key player in the region.

President Aleksandar Vučić pointed out that the visit is of great importance for our country not only in terms of the potential for cooperation but also as an indicator of Serbia’s progress as a stable economy and desirable business partner. The head of state also discussed with representatives of corporations the further development of bilateral economic cooperation, new strategic partnerships, as well as the potential for investments in the fields of energy, ICT and green technologies.

Vučić added that representatives of some of the largest and most renowned global companies have shown interest in a strategic business partnership with Serbia and that he is especially grateful to David de Falk, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Commerce for Europe and Eurasia, who, as a man with exceptional business acumen, has recognized Serbia as an excellent business and investment destination with huge potential for cooperation of mutual interest.

Miladin Kovačević, the economic expert and director of the State Statistical Office, points out that that visit carries a certain weight and is a good sign.

“In the situation of political turbulence, when both Europe and the USA have problems like us, with inflation and a possible recession, it is very important that such a large delegation comes to Serbia with the obvious intention of expanding the investments here, primarily in the field of telecommunications, digitization, energy… This is an indicator that Serbia is not pushed to the sidelines in these political developments, since everyone worries about themselves, first and foremost. I hope, however, that the USA will have a better situation next year as far as the economy is concerned since they are fighting against inflation very hard – Kovačević points out, and adds: “Their economy is somewhat tougher and less energy dependent than Europe’s.”

Kovačević also states that it is indicative that such a delegation came 20 years after the last delegation, which, he says, has a good political dimension.

(Alo, 01.11.2022)


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