First talks to resolve the problems in Fiat Plastik have reportedly begun

Following the strike at the Fiat Plastik plant in Kragujevac, the Labour Minister, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, said that the line Ministry has been trying to resolve the situation in the best possible way and protect the rights of workers. She also said that talks were underway between the companies and the Agency for the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes.

The Minister had a meeting with the president of the strike committee of Fiat Plastik, Zoran Miljković, and the president of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of the City of Kragujevac, Jugoslav Ristić.

Miljković told the Beta news agency that he had informed the Minister that things had been at a standstill for more than 20 days, i.e. since they had last seen each other in Belgrade. “We told her that Fiat has refused to sit at the negotiating table and wants to gain time by not cooperating with the director of the Agency for the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes,” Miljković warned.

He added that Fiat says it is looking forward to commencing negotiations, but that that is not happening and is waiting for a nod from Italy. “We have asked the Minister, as in the previous meeting with her, that the state authorities force Fiat to comply with the laws of the Republic of Serbia by all legal means,” Miljković said.

According to him, the company continues to violate the laws because after moving the bumper production unit from Fiat Plastik to the central Fiat plant, it recently did the same with the logistics warehouse, all while the workers are on paid leave.

“We demand that the machines be returned to our factory, as well as that all workers return to their workplaces,” Miljković said, adding that Kisić Tepavčević said she would discuss the situation with the highest state bodies, as well as with Fiat’s chief manager in Serbia, Nikola Jerotijević.

(Bizlife, 12.07.2021)

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