First agrisolar power plant in Serbia to become operational soon

Serbia’s first agrisolar power plant, “Solar Harvest,” installed in the village of Valjevska Kamenica, will enable simultaneous electricity production from renewable sources and more efficient growing of organic fruits and vegetables.

The plant is being developed by the Elektropionir Energy Cooperative and the Organela organic farm and it can be installed on other sustainable agricultural farms, contributing to a more successful energy transition and decarbonization of Serbia’s energy sector.

Agrisolar energy production means that different types of berries and other produce will be grown under the solar panels, which are placed at a height of about two meters, the Elektorpionir Energy Cooperative explained.

Pavle Djordjevic of the Organela farm said the Solar Harvest power plant represents a kind of symbiosis between humans and nature.

“Under the solar panels that will generate electricity, there are plants that need shade in order to grow unhindered. The solar panels provide them with the shade they need, while at the same time protecting them from hail,” said Djordjevic.

This creates a microclimate that simultaneously increases yields and helps the production of solar energy because the evaporation from plants cools the solar panels.

“Solar panels work in a way that, at higher temperatures, above 30 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of solar panels actually decreases, so they benefit when they get ‘cooled’ with evaporation from plants that grow underneath,” explained Sasa Petrovic of Elektropionir.

The solar power plant with 48 solar panels, with a combined capacity of 17.5 kilowatts, will be installed in Valjevska Kamenica.

(Beta, 19.02.2024)


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