Fintel Energija Group to build biggest windfarm in Europe in Serbia

Board of Directors of Fintel Energija A.D. has decided to launch several ambitious projects pertaining to the construction of new wind farms, including the development of the biggest wind farm in Europe that will be located in Serbia.

CEO of Fintel Energija, Tiziano Giovannetti, announced that, with these projects, Serbia would be one of the countries that would have made the fastest transition from to fossil fuels to clean energy.

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“Fintel Energija A.D has founded new SPVs for the development of new projects of the construction of wind farms: Lipar d.o.o. (10 MW), Lipar 2 d.o.o. (10 MW) and Maestrale Ring d.o.o. (572 MW). The Maestrale Ring project will be the biggest wind farm to be built on land in the entire European continent”, Giovannetti said.

He underlined that the new projects would be 100%-owned by Fintel Energija and that the wind farms in question would be located in Vojvodina.

“With the implementation of the planned projects, our company will increase the total installed power of the wind farms it is developing from 352 MW to 944 MW, with Fintel Energija becoming one of the top European companies when it comes to the development of wind farm projects”, Giovannetti said.

Board of Directors of Fintel Energija A.D. met for the first time after the company’s successful listing at the Belgrade Stock Exchange in November 2018. Their shares were included in the BELEX Prime Listing, the best segment of the local capital market. This was preceded by an IPO.

Fintel Energija A.D. is a pioneer in the production of electricity from RES in the Balkans, where it has been operating for a whole decade as one of the most important investors in this field in Serbia. In this period, it has built and commissioned the first two wind farms in Serbia, with the construction of the third wind farm (Kosava phase 1) being close to completion.

Fintel Energija is currently working on the second phase of the Kosava project, which will be an extension of the existing Kosava wind farm of 69 MW. The second phase of Kosava will consist of upgrading the wind farm with an additional 52 MW of installed power, and it will be jointly financed by local and international creditors.

(N1, 05.02.2019)



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