Fines of up to one million dinars for non-compliance with self-isolation measures

The fines for refusing to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic now stands at one million dinars and for violation of curfew they range from 50,000 to 100,000 dinars – said the president of the Ethics Committee of the Association of Prosecutors and Judges of Serbia, Milan Knezevic.

According to him, the offence of non-compliance with health regulations during the epidemic can lead to up to three years in prison, while a fine of at least 100,000 dinars will be applied for the violation of self-isolation measures.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has given clear instructions to prosecutors throughout the Republic of Serbia and, according to Knezevic, they have already produced results.

The transmission of an infectious disease in a state of emergency is also considered a crime.

“The perpetrators will not be tolerated (according to Article 248), i.e. the failure to comply with health regulations during an epidemic. The subsequent offence under Article 249 is the transmission of a disease, an offence against health when a person becomes more seriously ill or dies as a result of the offence of transmitting a contagious disease,” explains Knezevic.

“Personally, I think the maximum prison sentence is only appropriate for those who intentionally infect someone. One example is the dentist in Novi Sad who, despite suspecting he was sick, continued to see his patients. I think this is a task for the judicial authorities and I am all for imprisonment. I ask all health care workers to increase their level of responsibility,” Knezevic said.

In three days, the state has issued fines for seven million dinars. 148 people were fined for violating the curfew, which according to Knezevic is an extremely high number.

Protective medical equipment for the judiciary has arrived and the Ministry of Justice will forward 25,000 masks, gloves and antiseptics to courts across the country.

(B92, 25.03.2020)

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