Finding a job is easiest in Belgrade and Vojvodina

There are currently 527,000 unemployed people registered with the National Employment Service (NSZ), said Zoran Martinovic, Director of the NSZ.

He also says that said that the current unemployment rate in Serbia stands 12.1%, but that that data has already become obsolete, and that the results of the first quarter will be available at the end of August.

Lower unemployment rate

Martinovic also says that positive trends in the labour market have prevailed every year since 2014, adding that this year’s unemployment rate is 2.7% lower than in the same period last year.

In addition to seasonal jobs, simple/manual jobs are the easiest to find.

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Furthermore, there is a specific demand for job profiles that require certain skills and abilities, namely in construction, crafts, catering, tourism, IT industry, as well as doctors with specialization qualifications, lawyers, engineers, and pharmacists.

Apart from its regular activities, the National Employment Service has for years been implementing programmes financed by the state budget or its own budget such as funding internships, job creation, self-employment and various types of training and retraining.

Martinovic says that those people over the age of 50 have more problems finding work, hence the NSZ has created certain programmes that help these workers to find a job easier.

Martinovic points out that finding a job is the easiest in Belgrade and Vojvodina. Southeast Serbia is lagging behind because unemployment there is over 14%. However, this is not the case in all southern cities, as Niš and Leskovac have a higher employment rate in relation to the average rate for that area.

Sumadija and Western Serbia also have a higher unemployment rate, although not by much compared to the national average.

(B92, 28.07.2019)


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