Finance Ministry agrees with DFC on a 400-mn-USD worth guarantee scheme

An agreement on a new guarantee scheme has been signed with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), whereby this financial institution is to provide USD 400 million as a guarantee for the approval of banking credits to companies in Serbia, said the minister of finance of Serbia, Sinisa Mali.

Presenting the Draft Law on the Confirmation of the Agreement on Inciting Investments, he said that, the week before, two new guarantee schemes had been voted for.

He explained that this pertained to an additional billion euro on top of the guarantee schemes that Serbia already has and which it has launched together with banks in order to mitigate the negative consequences of the pandemic.

“I am talking about another guarantee scheme which will be realized based on the agreement between the governments of Serbia and the USA,” the minister said and added that the formal signing of the agreement on the new guarantee scheme and the finalization of the agreement between the DFC and banks in Serbia will take place not long after.

Following this, Minister Mali pointed out, the money will be available to domestic companies for loans for liquidity, innovations and investments.

(Radio Free Europe, 28.04.2021)




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