Finance Minister:”Average salary in Serbia around EUR 930 by the year-end”

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, said today that the goal is for average salaries in Serbia to reach EUR 920 to EUR 930 by the end of this year, and EUR 1,000 by the end of next year so that in 2027 we reach the set goal of EUR 1,400 average salaries and EUR 650 per average pension and minimum wage.

Mali recalled that since January, salaries in the public sector have increased by 10%, pensions by 14.8%, while the minimum wage has increased by 17.8%.

He also pointed out that today the average pension amounts to EUR 390.

Mali said that in the last two years, pensions have cumulatively increased by 56%, that inflation is slowing down and that in May, it will stand to around three percent. He went on to say that despite the current inflation, civil servant salaries and pensions have also increased in real terms, which resulted in a higher living standard.

“These are important indicators, along with record-high foreign exchange reserves, a stable exchange rate and substantial quantities of gold in the treasury”, said Siniša Mali.

The minister reminded that EUR 1.2 billion of foreign direct investments were made in Serbia by March 20 and added that last year was a record year in terms of FDIs which stood at EUR 4.5 billion.

He also underlined that several reform goals were set with the IMF, which are important for the country’s credibility and competitiveness, and that one of them is changing how gas prices for companies is calculated. Earlier, he announced that the gas used by the business sector will become cheaper as of 1st May.

(eKapija, 29.03.2024)

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