Final decision: Turkish Stream will pass through Serbia

Serbia is allowed to join the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project – the Secretariat of the Energy Community, based in Vienna, has confirmed, while, at the same time, setting certain conditions for Serbia’s participation in the project.

In its assessment, the Secretariat, on one hand, concludes that a new pipeline entering the country from the south will improve the safety of supply by diversifying supply routes. On the other hand, it also underlined that it will fortify and maintain Gazprom and Srbijagas’ dominance.

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Hence, the Energy Community is now asking the Energy Agency of Serbia to create a transparent market in Serbia and neighboring countries during the implementation of the project, and allow for the possibility of trading for all market participants. The Secretariat emphasized that, in their assessment, they focused on the need to create a coordinated gas market that will function properly in the Energy Community on the basis of the same rules and conditions.

„The fact that the Energy Community “has concluded that the new gas pipeline will improve security of supply through diversification of supply routes” is a validation of our arguments and I expect the project implementation now to expedite through mandatory allocation of capacity. This assessment is an indicator that the project is well placed, in accordance with the Law on Energy of the Republic of Serbia, as well as with the European energy directives,“ said Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining, Aleksandar Anti.

Certain conditions expressed in the assessment, particularly those that refer to competition, were forwarded to the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia, which, as an independent regulatory body, will take these conditions into account when making further steps related to the implementation of the project – the Ministry of Energy and Mining has said.

(Vecernje Novosti, 01.02.2019)

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