Film festival Free Zone in Novi Sad

“The Summer”, the latest film of the controversial Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov, who’s been under house arrest for more than a year now because of his frequent criticism of Vladimir Putin, will have open the 14th Free Zone film festival on November 7th in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Nis.

In addition to the film “The Summer”, which talks about a love triangle that emerges around a rock and roll musician, his protege, and his wife in 1980s Russia, a total of 50 feature and documentary films will be screened during the festival, including “The Guilty”, by the German film director Gustav Moeller, and the documentaries “Putin’s Witnesses” and “Bergman – A Year in a Life”, a biopic about one of the most important film directors of the 20th century, as well as a comedy called “Swimming With Men”, that breaks prejudices about what constitutes “male” and “female” sports.

This year’s festival especially focuses on films about the rise of the right-wing populism in Europe and the world, such as “The Captain”, a film about a young soldier who becomes a cruel war criminal before the end of the Second World War, “The Transit”, a film about a man who attempts to emigrate from Paris to Mexico under a false identity, as well as “Tuesday, July 22nd”, which reconstructs the 2011 terrorist attack in Norway, which killed more than 77 young people.

The films will be screened at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and the festival closes on November 12th.

(RTV, 06.11.2018)


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