Film about NATO bombing of Serbia ‘The Balkan Line’ to premiere on 19 March

The movie “Balkanska Medja” (“The Balkan Line”) will have its premiere on the 20th anniversary of NATO bombing of Serbia. The movie is an action drama inspired by the actual event that took place on June 12th, 1999, when the battalion of Russian paratroopers captured Slatina Airport in Pristina.

This 24-hour-action by the Russian paratroopers that had great geopolitical importance motivated the Russian screenwriters to convey the story through the personal drama of the main characters.

Although the movie basically covers a painful war theme, it also sends a strong message of peace and a lesson about the friendship of the two nations.

The film is produced by Arhangel Studios, and the main roles are given to Milos Bikovic and Miodrag Radonjic. The Russian film crew was led by director Andrey Volgin who filmed most of the scenes at authentic locations in Serbia.

In addition to Bikovic and Radonjic, “The Balkan Line” features Milena Radulovic, Aleksandar Radojicic, Aleksandar Sreckovic Kubura, Srdjan Zikic Todorovic, and Emir Kusturica, who has a special guest appearance. Russian actors Gosha Kutsenko and Anton Pampushnyy also have leading roles.

“The Balkan Line” will premiere on March 19th at the Sava Centre in Belgrade, and it will be screened at cinemas across Serbia from March 21st.

 (RTV, 26.02.2019)

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