FIC presents the White Book – praises Serbia’s progress in digitalization

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC), an organization that gives recommendations to the Serbian government on improving the business climate in the country, has praised Serbia for the progress in digitization and electronic business in its publication White Book 2022, which was presented today.

The twentieth White Book contains 372 recommendations in 10 priority areas. The FIC also commended Serbia’s pharmaceutical industry and the fight against illicit trade. Also, the hospitality and tourism sectors were covered by the publication for the first time.

Bearing in mind all the current circumstances, the FIC general recommendations contained in the White Book 2022 represent a modification of priorities compared to last year. In this sense, the intensification of Serbia’s EU accession negotiations is a key priority. Furthermore, it is necessary to harmonize domestic regulations with European standards, bring inflation back within its target range, complete the restructuring of infrastructure companies, and optimize the fiscal burden and public expenditures to prevent the country’s public debt from going up.

This year’s White Book also includes an analysis of the main recommendations in the areas that the FIC members see as a priority – taxes, labour regulations, digitalization and e-commerce, real estate, illicit trade prevention, inspection oversight, bankruptcy, foreign exchange regulations, pharmaceuticals and tourism and hospitality.

According to the FIC Index published in the latest edition of the White Book, in the period from November 2021 to October 2022, the segments that performed the best are digitalization and e-commerce, while despite the ongoing circumstances, there has been improvement in laws regulating the energy sector. Telecommunications recorded moderate progress, while the labour and insurance segment did not progress compared to last year.

The White Book is available for free download from the FIC’s official website – .

(eKapija, 22.11.2022)

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