Fiat’s workers: We have managed to get media to cover the strike

President of the strike committee at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Zoran Markovic said today that he was encouraged by the statement made by the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez about the company’s management having an obligation to reach an agreement with the strikers.

Cadez also said that the production stoppage at FCA had an adverse effect on entire Serbian economy.

“We were encouraged to hear something like this, and then to have the media reporting about. Most media don’t even cover our strike”, Markovic says and adds that the state authorities have also taken a passive stance, despite being co-owners of FCA.

Markovic announces that the leaders of several trade unions are due to come to the factory today to speak to the workers who are going to gather in front of the administrative building at the factory’s premises.

Close to 2,000 workers have been on strike for six days now. They want their basic salary of 38,000 to go up to 50,000 dinars, and a different work organization that would not be such a burden on workers who now perform several different duties at once. They also want to be disbursed with the efficiency bonus for 2016 and for the company to cover their commuting costs when they can’t use public transportation to get to the factory.

(Newsweek, 05.07.2017)

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