Fiat’s workers today intent on roadblocking Belgrade

Biljana Stojković, from the Moramo political coalition, called on Twitter for support to be given to Fiat’s workers who are planning to hold a protest today in Belgrade due to the failure of negotiations with the government and Stellantis.

Stojković tweeted: “Support for Fiat workers tomorrow at noon in front of the Sava Centre and on the Gazela Bridge. We have to! Together!” Today, members of the company’s trade union and other workers decided to roadblock several locations in  Belgrade.

As Igor Andjic, a member of the Fiat workers’ negotiating group, told, the government has told them they will not negotiate as long as the workers are protesting.

“We have 10 buses ready to leave for the capital. We apologize in advance to the citizens of Belgrade for roadblocking the city, but they have to understand that this is not our intention; it was all caused by the government that does not want to listen to us. Taking to the streets, that is the only way.”

When asked where the roadblocks will be, he would not say, but Andjic admitted the possibility “that the police will prevent them from entering the city”.

(Nova, 22.06.2022)



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