Fiat’s workers to meet with Labour Minister in Belgrade today

The representatives of Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s workers, who took to the streets of Kragujevac on Friday to protest in front of the Town Hall, will meet today at 11 a.m. with the Labour Minister, Darija Kisić.

They are demanding that the Independent Fiat Trade Union not attend the meeting, in which Prime Minister Ana Brnabic is also scheduled to participate.

The group of 1,500 Fiat workers who rebelled against the employer’s offer to go abroad to work or leave the company and receive severance pay, will be represented by a five-member delegation in Belgrade today; the Minister also called the Fiat Plastik strike committee, a Fiat subsidiary which has been on strike for months. On Friday, the workers met with Kragujevac Mayor Nikola Dasic, who arranged to meet with the Labour Minister and provided a van that transported them to Belgrade.

“We are also expecting Prime Minister to show up at the meeting. We don’t want to see anyone from the Independent Trade Union as they no longer represent Fiat workers. The Independent Trade Union and Sasa Djordjevic are not welcome at the meeting with the Labour Minister. We have selected a delegation of workers, and if Djordjevic is there, we will leave the meeting and the protests will begin,” reported a member of the negotiating team.

The main demands of the Fiat workers are – workers who cannot or do not want to go abroad to work should keep their jobs in the Kragujevac plant, receiving 65 percent of their salaries until the production of a new electric Fiat car starts while workers who have decided to leave the company voluntarily should be given severance pay that is the automotive industry standard considering that the Stellantis Group, under which Fiat operates, is the fourth largest automotive producer in the world.

(N1, 15.05.2022)


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