Fiat’s workers in Kragujevac are offered to work in Slovakia

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) from Kragujevac has informed production workers that they can apply for a job at the Stellantis plant in Slovakia, which produces Peugeot 208 and Citroen C3.

The president of FCA’s independent trade union, Sasa Djordjevic, said that, from this week, employees can apply for work in the Stellantis factory in the Slovak city of Trnava.

According to him, interested workers will sign a one-year employment contract. He also said it was important for the trade union that the invitation to work in Slovakia remained only on a voluntary basis for workers.

The trade union will monitor workers’ interest and everything related to wages, expenses and travel insurance for those employees who decide to work for a year in Slovakia.

“We have been informed that, depending on the number of workers going to Slovakia, the volume of vehicle production in Kragujevac will be reduced. For example, if there are fewer than 50 workers in a shift, instead of 200 vehicles, 170 to 180 will be produced in a shift. If about 100 workers are left in a shift, the production would be reduced to about 120 vehicles per shift,” Djordjevic said.

He added that in case a substantial number of workers leave, those who remain will have more working days per month. He went on to say that the Slovak factory has already employed many former workers from Fiat in Kragujevac, as well as Serbs in general, around 200.

The monthly salary of a production worker at the Stellantis factory is about 800 euro, but the workers have to pay for housing expenses themselves.

Djordjevic believes that for Kragujevac workers that could imply that FCA does not intend to introduce a new model in the Kragujevac plant.

(Bizlife, 10.03.2021)




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