Fiat’s trade union threatens with strike in January

The trade union of Fiat Plastik, which operates under Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia, announced today that it will hold daily work stoppages and protests from January 12, when it is supposed to resume the production in 2021.

Plastik’s trade union representatives say that Fiat Chrysler’s management has asked them to accept that their Christmas and holiday bonus will be reduced by 50% in the collective job agreement and to “sign an unconstitutional clause on the three-year waiver of the right to strike.”

By insisting that the trade union of Fiat Plastik sign a collective agreement, identical to the one recently concluded with Fiat Chrysler in Kragujevac, the management of that company, according to trade unionists, is trying to suspend the labour regulations which have been in force in Plastik for the past two years.

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The trade union has refused to sign a collective agreement with the management of Fiat Chrysler three years ago, after which the company’s management approved the said labour regulation.

The union claims that the management of Fiat Chrysler is blackmailing them, i.e. threatening that if they do not sign the offered collective agreement, the Plastic employees will not be given food allowance next year and that Christmas/holiday bonus will be halved.

The union says that it has rejected a 50% cut on the bonus and that will not give up on the right to strike.

They are threatening work suspensions and protests in January if the management of Fiat Chrysler continues to insist on its demands.

According to estimates, about 20,000 finished cars were produced in Kragujevac this year, twice less than last year and much less than in the summer of 2012, when the production of the 500L model began.

The production for this year has finished and will resume on January 12.

.(Danas, 18.12.2020)


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