Fiat’s subcontractor Adient to close its Kragujevac factory

The Adient Seating factory in Kragujevac, which supplies Fiat with car seats and has been operating for the past 11 years in Serbia, will close the factory in late February.

According to Kragujevacke Novine, Fiat has released Adient as a supplier of the equipment for the new car model, because it will allegedly produce the seats by itself.

Around 140 of Adient’s employees have not worked for a year and a half now and those who declined to go to work abroad have been paid the minimum wage, which they will continue being paid until the end of next month.

Vuk Arsic, the company’s employee, says that the workers have been offered to move to Fiat or to apply for the social programme, that is, 600,000 dinar severance pay.

As far as he knows, a majority of the workers from the production department have applied to move to Fiat, which can take 70 to 80 people, whereas the others are waiting for severance pay.

“Adient used to assemble seats from its suppliers, which delivered metal and other parts. In my opinion, the seats were the most expensive components that Fiat put in their vehicles. However, Fiat has decided to produce the seats for the new model by itself and the production should start this year,” Adient is an American company based in New Jersey.

(eKapija, 18.01.2024)

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