Fiat’s management to meet with Fiat Plastik’s Strike Committee next week

The head of Fiat Plastik’s Strike Committee, Zoran Milljković, has confirmed that, with the mediation of Ivica Lazović, director of the Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes, Fiat’s management has agreed to meet up with the Strike Committee on Tuesday, 7th September, at the Agency’s headquarters in Belgrade.

“The Strike Committee has agreed on that initial meeting in Belgrade, but we will demand that all further negotiations take place on Fiat’s premises in Kragujevac, where we have already negotiated countless times with the management,” Miljković points out, noting that in accordance with the relevant law, such negotiations can last up to 30 days.

According to him, there will be no negotiations on the return of the machinery to the Fiat Plastik plants (which has been illegally transferred during the strike that has been going on since February) and the return to work of all those who have been sent on forced leave. Fiat Plastik wants to negotiate with Fiat’s management to restore the salaries to the level of 1 January of this year, as well as to raising the annual leave compensation to 65% of the workers’ salary, as has been the case for years in other divisions of the Turin-based company.

(Danas, 03.09.2021)


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