Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac to start producing a new model

Stellantis, a company formed by Fiat and Peugeot, is currently drawing up a new strategic plan, and by September, the destiny of the Fiat factory in Serbia should be known.

The Fiat workers have been on paid leave since 28 May and will return to the factory on 8 June. Stelantis is expected to inform the Serbian government, which co-owns the Kragujevac car factory with a 33% share, by September or October at the latest about its plans for the factory in Serbia.

Everyone hopes that a new car model will be launched in Serbia in the second half of next year. This is much more likely than the closure of the Kragujevac plant, one of the best ‘Fiat’ plants in where most of the production is fully automated. To remind, Stellantis announced a month ago that it had no intention of moving the factory out of Serbia.

This company was established earlier this year and is expected to present its investment plans for each factory operating within the Turin group soon.

Sasa Djordjevic, president of the Fiat trade union, confirmed that Stellantis is currently working on a strategic plan for the next period, which should be completed in the coming months, “after that, we will have more detailed information about the opportunity to start producing something new in Kragujevac. I sincerely hope that it will happen, and by September we will have known more about our future”.

(Politika, 02.06.2021)



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