Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac asks for an additional 80 days of paid leave for workers

Fiat Chrysler Automobili Serbia (FCA) has requested an additional 80 days of paid leave for workers in the Kragujevac production plant, and the current leave, which was supposed to last until May 18, will probably be extended, reports the company’s Independent Trade Union.

The union’s president, Zoran Markovic, said the company will make an official decision about extending the leave today or on Friday.

However, the decision on the extension of paid leave will be made in line with the current situation in Serbia and the unstable epidemiological situation throughout Europe.

Markovic also said that the Kragujevac plant has asked the Ministry of Labour to approve another 80 days of paid leave, considering that the 45 days have already been used.

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“We believe that during these additional days of paid leave, the company can cover all further interruptions, mainly due to the unstable situation with the coronavirus, as well as other reasons. We hope that this new leave will not be used continuously, but that we will also have working days at the factory,” said Markovic.

The additional 80 days of leave includes 15 days of the collective summer break, which means that the workers will be back in the factory on September 30.

Markovic added that the union for its opinion about the paid leave and that their opinion was affirmative given the current overall situation and the fact that workers would be compensated for the days they were not working.

Only two Fiat plants in Italy are currently working.

(N1, 13.05.2020)



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