Fiat’s employees on leave until 4 October

Employees of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) plant in Kragujevac have been sent on paid leave again, until Monday, 4 October.

FCA produced cars for only eight days in September, and the assembly lines were interrupted again this time due to weak demand for the Fiat 500 L model. In addition to the reduced number of working days per month, the volume of daily production was also reduced, so now only 170 cars are produced by the workers in the first and second shifts.

According to unofficial information, the daily production of cars has been reduced due to labour shortages, which were particularly pronounced in September.

Some workers have been infected with the coronavirus and are on sick leave, some are in isolation due to contact with infected people and several dozen workers have gone to work in Fiat’s plant in Slovakia, so the factory barely has enough workers to serve an entire production line. Furthermore, the frequent interruptions of production are also due to the insufficient number of available bumpers, due to the months-long strike of Fiat Plastik’s employees.

FCA has not made any official statements about the latest production stoppage and its causes.

(Danas, 23.09.2021)



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