Fiat workers’ representatives, “negotiations failed”; government claims otherwise

“Fiat’s workers claim that the recent negotiations with the government have failed and starting tomorrow they will start protest and put up road blocks,” says workers’ representative and member of the negotiating team, Djordje Milojevic.

He adds that a person from Prime Minister’s cabinet has called him and informed him that “at present, the government is not able to present its offer to the workers and that they have to wait until Tuesday”.

On the other hand, the government claims that the negotiations have not failed or broken down, but could be seriously disrupted if the representatives of the Fiat trade unions and workers violate the initial agreement and start a protest.

“The negotiations have not failed. However, the unions and workers’ representatives are violating the initial agreement, which is that the Serbian government will make a proposal to workers who refuse to accept the offered programme, only after Fiat completes the process of compiling the list of workers willing to work at Fiat’s factories abroad,” the government claims.

Milojevic said he has information that the registration of workers interested in working abroad is still in progress and that they do not want to “jeopardize Fiat’s project” with their offer. “We will not wait until Tuesday, but we will meet in front of the municipal administration building tomorrow at noon and put up blocks,” he added.

Meanwhile, the president of Fiat’s Independent Trade Union, Sasa Djordjevic, said that 137 workers have applied for going to work abroad, which is one of the prerequisites for them to keep their jobs when the Stellantis Group launches the production of electric vehicles at the Kragujevac plant. The deadline for submitting applications for working abroad has been extended to Monday, June 20, at 1 p.m.

(Politika, 16.06.2022)



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