Fiat workers: Against the law to suspend the strike

Workers at Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA) are staying firm in their position and demands. Despite the state authorities appealing to them to stop the strike for a while in order for the negotiations with the company’s management to start, they did not budge.

There have been rumours that a representative of the Serbian government might come to Kragujevac to talk to the strikers in an effort to make them change their mind. “We have heard all sorts of unofficial information. However, nobody has officially approached the strike committee to initiate talks”, says Zoran Markovic, the head of the committee.

The workers, the heads of trade unions and the strike committee are sticking to their decision not to put the strike on hold until the factory’s management discusses their demands. “The law does not allow putting strike on hold. We either stop it all together, or keep going”, the Association of Independent Trade Union from Kragujevac says.

The situation in the biggest factory in Kragujevac could be likened to a vicious circle. Fiat is sticking to its rules not to negotiate with workers while they are protesting, while the workers and the strike committee are citing Serbian regulation and the orders from the inspectors for the management to begin negotiations with the workers within five working days. This deadline is long expired.

Furthermore, the Association of Independent Trade Unions from Kragujevac has asked the Kragujevac authorities to remove Fiat’s logo from the entrance to the town due to the company disobeying the laws of the Republic of Serbia and mistreating workers.

(Vecernje Novosti, 11.07.2017)

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