Fiat: Trade union cancels warning strike

The Nezavisnost trade union at Fiat Chrysler Automobili’s plant in Kragujevac has abandoned the idea of holding a one-hour-long warning strike.

“We have made a unanimous decision not to hold the announced warning strike because the factory’s management did not sign the strike notice. Because of this, the strikers would not be paid during the strike hours which is interpreted by the management as unjustified absence from work which, in turn, would negatively affect their end of the year bonuses”, the head of the trade union, Zoran Stanic explains.

He adds that the trade union did not give up the strike completely, and says that the strike will be held in January because Fiat’s workers are going on a collective annual leave soon.

Stanic outlines that the main goal of the warning strike is to remind the employer that the workers of this factory are working for unacceptably low salaries in very difficult conditions, significantly worse than in other Fiat factories.

“The second goal was to check whether the employer, after this summer’s developments, has begun to respect the laws of the state of Serbia. Regrettably, we can say that the employer still fails to comply with national laws and its own Code of Conduct, as well as does not respect its employees. It is also unacceptable that workers have not yet been given winter overalls although it is already December, or that the workers on production line don’t have drinking water available due to the reduced budget”, the trade union’s statement reads.

(Danas, 12.12.2017)


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