Fiat to start producing SUVs in Kragujevac plant in two to three years?

Italian media are reporting that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) could start producing new car models that include electric Fiat 500, a longer version of the Giardiniera model, a new Fiat Panda and an SUV, with the latter model planned for production in Fiat’s plant in Kragujevac.

Fiat currently produces the 500L model in Kragujevac which doesn’t occupy all of the production capacities there. The news about the Kragujevac plant manufacturing an SUV will be announced in the next few months, and the estimates show that the production could start in two to three years’ time.

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By launching production of an SUV in the B segment, Fiat will enter the liveliest and the most lucrative segment of the car market. At the same time, the company would also enter the new technology segment with its hybrid and micro-hybrid engines. Fiat is currently testing the hybrid version of 500L which is supposed to be launched in the upcoming months.

Fiat also plans to produce a seven-seater version of the new SUV which would be based on the SW type, i.e. the wagon version. It would be 10 centimetres longer than the existing 500X SUV, which is 4.25 meters long. It would be priced lower than 500X, which currently costs from EUR 15,000 upwards in Serbia.

If the Kragujevac factory starts producing this model that would provide job safety for the workers there and guarantee full utilization of the production capacities – the Italian media say.

(eKapija, 16.05.2019)


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