Fiat to continue production in Kragujevac

The Stellantis Company has confirmed that it has no intention to relocate the Fiat plant from Serbia and that everyone will have ‘the freedom to develop, plan and produce what they want’.

This means that ‘Fiat’ vehicles will continue to be produced in the same plant in Kragujevac and that each will factory is responsible for its own market.

It was also confirmed that Peugeot’ will not export to the United States through Stellantis, which will go to China, South America and the Middle East.

‘Peugeot has no aspiration to take over Kragujevac plant and produce vehicles there,’ Stellantis has said.

Sources close to the Fiat Chrysler management in Turin have said that ‘a strategic business and development plan for the entire Stellantis Group is currently being prepared’, and that investment plans for the factories operating under this huge corporation will be announced later, in late summer or early autumn.

(Danas, 28.04.2021)

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