Fiat sends the first workers to Slovakia

A group of some 30 employees of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia plant in Kragujevac is expected to travel to the Slovak city of Trnava by the end of this week to work 90 days in the city’s car factory, the Trade Union has announced.

The Trade Union president, Sasa Djordjevic, said that there would be other workers interested in going to work in Slovakia, but the number is limited due to the law there, which allows hiring a maximum of 30 workers for a maximum of 90 days. He said that the greater interest of Fiat workers compared to last time is due to the better offer of the employer in terms of salary and expense reimbursement.

According to him, workers from the Kragujevac factory will be sent to work in Slovakia on the basis of a business trip and will have a monthly salary of 660 euros at the beginning, plus a daily allowance of 25 euros, and their total salary will be 1,410 euros per month. “As far as costs are concerned, the employer covers transportation to Slovakia and back, which the workers are entitled to once a month, as well as housing costs,” Djordjevic adds.

He also said that the workers then only pay for food and transportation expenses from the place of accommodation to the factory where they work, at a cost of 17 euros per month. Fiat workers in Kragujevac, having finished their paid leave, returned to work on Tuesday when production of the Fiat 500L continued after the break in late January.

(Danas, 09.02.2022)


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