Fiat refuses negotiations and even talks with strikers

For the workers of Fiat Plastik’s factory in Kragujevac things are at a standstill, although two and a half weeks ago they met in Belgrade with the Labour Minister, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, who promised to ask the company management to start negotiations with the strikers and to enforce the existing laws.

Workers and members of the Strike Committee (who have been on strike since February) have once again drawn public attention, pointing out that Fiat Plastik continues to ‘violate the legitimate demands of the strikers and the relevant laws even after the intervention of the line Ministry’.

This was confirmed for Danas daily by Zoran Miljković, president of the Fiat Plastik Strike Committee who said: “Fiat refuses to sit down and negotiate with our trade union, although at the meeting with Minister Kisić Tepavčević, it promised to do so with the mediation of the State Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes. Today, we learned that the Fiat management has not reported to the Agency’s director, which clearly shows that it does not want to negotiate with us.”

The trade union asks the Minister to finally honour what she promised, i.e. for the State to mediate between them and Fiat and force the company “by all legally available means to respect the legal framework of Serbia, because it is a well-known fact that Fiat has been violating the existing laws for years”.

According to them, the workers of Fiat Plastik, who have been on strike for the violation of the Labour Law since 18 February, will continue with the strike until all demands are met as soon as they return from their forced leave on Tuesday, 13 July. The members of the Strike Committee and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions from Kragujevac will send another letter to the company, the line Ministry and all domestic and foreign media outlets stating their case.

(Danas, 08.07.2021)




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